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Story of Father and the Cathedral - Dream of Vietnam Picture

The vicar Father placed the cigarette on the neck of the cigarette, his thumb slightly pressing the dark brown threads and lit it. He hissed a little, melted, removed the match, then exhaled very slowly. Tobacco smoke is dark blue, as if it doesn't melt in the hot air of a summer afternoon. He sat there under a dreamy tree looking through the smoke. The iron bars were frameless, the walls were not sealed, the roofs were still bent, there was a stand, but he was sure that the dream he called his Vietnam Dream had now become.

There must be difficulties in front of all aspects, but Father Pierre Nguyen Thanh Long, Chief of the Mother Parish of Vietnam, is sure that the Holy Path, his Vietnamese dream, will open to welcome people. The consecration ceremony on November 4, 2000 is here. That day, like many other dates in the past, is a great milestone in his life as a priest.

Father Nguyen Thanh Long, 61, is from the village of Bao Dai and Nam Dinh but his village belongs to Bui Chu territory. He was a monk from a young age, and at 11 years old, he sent him to his house
line in Bui Chu. He was ordained a 26-year-old priest in Saigon and only two years later, he was nominated for the Chief of Staff. This may be his pride because normally a priest wants to be sent to see the country for at least five years after ordination. His case is the exception.

He said "that made me arrogant. Young, but I was trusted by the Father, entrusted with all the work. I have my own house, the driver. I am the Father of the Country, the principal, the director The bank, as the gospel director, is the general chaplain of 30,000 Catholic mothers ... I thought I was done with everything. "

The young priest was aggressive, rolling back on every activity he thought was reasonable. He discussed with Colonel Nguyen Be about the impotence in the Republic of Vietnam 's anti - Communist efforts, about corruption every day becoming a national disaster, about the shortcomings in officers' training and he came up with solutions for big hammering to correct. He ignored the murmurs around him, working so closely with Buddhist monks that some sheep called him Thich Thanh Long. When he came to Tan Chau, Vung Tau, he bought a plot of land to build a church, but there were many prostitutes around. He still carried out the program and gradually the prostitutes had to move away, giving way to the sheep of the Lord. He succeeds and the more successful, the more trusted by the superior Father. The more confident and confident he was, he later used arrogant words to refer himself at that time. During the 10 years after the ordination of a priest, he only came, dismissed every thorn, always looked ahead and always thought nothing could stop the process of serving the Lord, serving his Church.

Until like all Vietnamese people after 1975, he was stripped naked, thrown into another situation, another environment. He was hesitant, lethargic, helpless, and his arrogance was badly offended. He talked about the beginning of the darkest time in his life serving the Lord: "I was angry. From the moment I took the coffee, I went to receive rice on Guam, I saw the sky and sky collapsing. I look at the dignitaries of the South and even your father like frameless paintings, toss in a corner. " He did not complain, did not cry but his blood was always boiling.

In 1975 he went to Harrisburg, temporarily in Pennsylvania. When an unjust priest leaves the church without permission, it is a great crime. But because of the special circumstances of the South, the Pope has granted amnesty and asked dioceses all over the world to open their hands to welcome and help Vietnamese priests. Father Nguyen Thanh Long was welcomed by the diocese of Harrisburg, but he found himself only a sheep with scabies. He said, "It may be because the pain of dehydration is too great, maybe because of the different circumstances of life, maybe because of language barrier, maybe because loneliness and the greatest can be because of my own arrogance. "

He asked to transfer to Washington. The black curtain around him became more and more hidden, immersing him in the sufferings that later looked back and said, "Only God can help me through." He intended to export, denying all. He intends to marry his children, living like a lifeless exile. He lived in a small room of the diocese but spent the whole day on the street, finding this person and the other, until late at night. The way of life and the attitude of life led him to be called "Long Crazy." A relative to him, Mr. Do Dinh Duyet recounted: "Father Long went out with me all day. He still embraced the plow. By the evening when I let go of my father, he was always as afraid as he was. And when he was
down, he stood on the side of the road as if he did not want to go to a temporary shelter. He just stood there looking at us until the car went away. "

Father Nguyen Thanh Long with a high arrogance, like a stretch of string just waiting for a small snap is broken. One evening, he returned to his shelter and opened the bath. Before bathing, there was a knock at the door. An American priest was just below his cellar and basement. Father Long said: "Probably because of the old residence, the water pipe was damaged, so the water on my room seeped down. The American priest told me and I only heard the word Mad. I think Mad is crazy, now I think of an unknown American father who said "You are mad" or "I am mad at you" but I was really mad at that time. certain. " He continued, "Three o'clock in the morning I retreated to take care of leaving the shelter, leaving the life of a priest, leaving my faith and leaving God. When everything was in place, clothes slipped into The suitcase, I looked back at the last time, there was a small manger on the table, in which the little Lord Jesus sat. I stared at my Lord, A resurrection, glowing in me. I had to be born, grow up, suffer as much as any human being. What made Him rise? I sat down on the edge of the bed and looked at the manger, looking at the Child Jesus. Where is the suffering of God? "

The young priest with a bright future of the South, Cha Long exiled nostalgia to the golden past, did not accept the reality, "Long Crazy" denies the Lord - The Father of the Province woke up at night The Great Enlightenment is like a Zen Master who just passed the dead gate to reach the shore.

Father Long returned to the martyr of the Mother of Vietnam origin. It was 1977, the Maryland region had about 45 Christian families, no separate place of worship but a ceremony thanks to American churches. Father Long went out to stay with some refugee babies and a trio. He rolled back to work as his first days in Xuan Loc, the Parish. Belief comes back to dream. He dreamed of being a great native, and becoming a parish with a private church. He said, "One Sunday after the ceremony, I felt that I had to have my own church for the faithful. That thought became obsessed every day and became a dream." He tried with the small group to save and manage. The simplest way is to buy back a small church. Three times he thought he had succeeded but then the negotiation was unsuccessful. The church once formed a picture in imagination and each time became an obsessive obsession. Meanwhile, every time, according to the refugee wave, there are more and more 65 families.

The church cannot be just vague thoughts but must be expressed in paper. He met Vietnamese architects, discussed with them, told them about his dream church. The first sketch was drawn by architect Nguyen Van Huy. The diocesan system forced him to present the project to the Archdiocese of Washington.

He waited and waited. No reply. Couldn't the Father pay any attention to the aspirations of the Father and the exile? Nearly three years have passed, until one day he could not wait and came to a clear decision. He took a summer vacation to Sabah for a long time if the project was rejected. He went to meet Archbishop James Cardinal Hickey to ask. The Father was dumbfounded, saying he had never seen the project submitted. He called the office and after listening to the desiring presentation of the religious leader
Vietnam, He approved the project.

Cha Long said, "We were lucky. At that time, a real estate agent said that there was a parcel in New Hampshire Street for sale. He submitted it to the Archbishop's Court and attempted to negotiate the price. Signed to buy the 270,000 US dollar price, is it painful, Price TTGM asked a question and let me stalk it a little less The Church's principle clearly stated, all property belongs to the Church, so the legal land plot is named by TTGM, but I have to worry about paying. "

Cha Long said that after two weeks, another real estate agent came to negotiate to pay 500,000 to buy back the land but "Is it private, but not for sale?"

That was in 1986. There was a land that was used to build a place, and started to work together to clean up and prepare for the construction. "Foolish, ignorant, we don't know any rules in the process of building America, thinking everything is easy." Difficulties begin to appear in front of you. TTGM asked who is the architect, has any achievements in past projects? Of course not, and TTGM arbitrarily selects one architect Frank.

After 75 sessions, Cha Long brought all his dreams to combine with the expertise of architect Frank and finally the real Father's parish church on real paper. This church is different from the first picture sketched by KTS Huy, just as the account that Cha Long intended initially was different from the cost when it was calculated on paper.
Like Father Long's words, he thought it was too much for half a million but the number was much larger and "I became a beggar father." When he was throughout the United States, he once went to lecture and present his Vietnamese dream at 13 Vietnamese churches in many states. "Oh, there are unspeakable emotions. Once a child holding $ 100.00 gave me and said" Because my father begged, I told my parents, my parents told me to give money to my father. " Young Buddhists in Chicago volunteered to contribute 2 consecutive years of US $ 50. The difficulties piled up that there were times when I wanted to give up, but because of the love of so many people, I could not deny my hands. " Difficulties are not just legal, about accounts but also in spirit.

Cha Long said, "At first, there were many whispers that the church was like a temple. Or bank debt like that, missed bankruptcy, sold a church like no one, who bought it?"

Vietnamese Motherland also follows the Fatherland's dream of growing stronger. The Priest's effort is not just water flowing from the river. The Episcopal Court approved the upgrade and on February 22, 1990, Cardinal James Cardinal Hickey proclaimed the Land of Mother Mother Parish, the 135th Archdiocese of Washington.

This is a great step forward for the Vietnamese Catholic community in Maryland / Washington. Three years later, in 1993 the cathedral's ground floor was completed. This is the part
The foundation was built firmly, covering 10,000 square feet as the foundation for the main floor of the building. From now on, Father Long left to lead his son to the ceremony thanks to American churches. From now on the religion has a place to attend, to attend Mass, to worship the Lord.

Seven years after the ground floor is completed, it is about the day when the Landlord's dream will come true. Father Long during a hot and sunny summer afternoon under a tree, beside the old cigarette, confided: "When Christianity is transmitted into Vietnam with the Western architecture and Gothic, it must be. reason with European missionaries but not rational
think Vietnam. I was still shocked about the reforms of Vatican II. I call this church the Dream of Vietnam because I want the church to worship God to be national in color, with a village well, with Tam quan, with four directions in eight directions, with a round square of banh chung, have natural heaven and earth, there are heaven and earth and parents, there is a curved roof of Vietnamese architecture. "He talked passionately about the eastern philosophy, about the nation, about the Vietnamese people who lived in the village, about a Vietnamese project. American soil (see description of the Holy Path attached).

When asked what he was thinking, Father Peter Nguyen Thanh Long hissed another pipe of cigarettes, looked straight at the other person: "My father only did not finish third grade but he was very good. He wrote to me very well, maybe a total of more than 500 pages, I was like today because of the letter of his message, I was the one who raised my foot and toe, I did not believe in God. including me, thinking that Cha Long could even wear a robe to the preaching platform? "

The sheep of the Mother Parish of Vietnam, the Christians everywhere, and the friends who do not share his faith believe that God chose him and he will be devoted to the faith for the rest of his life, with directing and sublimating his Vietnamese Dream and also of all Vietnamese people everywhere.

A DREAM - Holy Church of the Mother Parish of Vietnam

The Church of the Mother Parish in Vietnam is located at 11814 New Hampshire Ave., Siver Spring, Maryland state on a 4-acre parcel of land 3. The first draft by architect Nguyen Van Huy drew but then architect Frank joined the meeting. item Nguyen Thanh Long drew the final drawing.

The square road, each 100 feet wide, consists of 2 floors, totaling 20,000 square feet of treated area. The ground floor inaugurated in September 1993, the main floor is scheduled to open on November 4, 2000.

From the outside looking at the Holy Path is Tam quan symbolizing Thien Dia Nhan, walking through the Tam Quan will see the Holy Path being supported by 10 columns, symbolizing the Ten Laws of God. The main church is square between circular roof and curved roof. Round Square is King Hung with thick banh chung, curved roof is a harmonious combination of square and round shape. The four doors of the Holy Path symbolize the time, the Spring and Autumn and the East and the South East and the West. In order to enter the Holy Path there are five levels representing the PEOPLE-CELEBRATE-TRI-TRI-TIN.

On the left side of the church will be the Baptism, where the faithful are reborn. The well also reminds us of the Village Well in Vietnam. There is also a Boat symbolizing the Church's Picture of the Earth, and the image of each person's life floats between life. In the boat is the image of the Grandmother representing the brave sacrifice of Vietnamese women, and the Grandmother sits at the feet of Mary holding the Mother of the Child. On the top of the church is the Egg, symbolizing the origin of the Vietnamese people in Au Co eggs. On the Egg Fruit is a Vietnamese map.

Father Nguyen Thanh Long has a 30-page thick plate that thoroughly explains the details of national architecture and philosophical symbols. If you would like to have a draft, please contact the Vietnamese Mother Parish at the address above. Although not yet completed, the Holy Path has caused a lot of echoes. Some priests in Vietnam as well as in the United States plan to build a church that came to consult the project. The Church in Vietnam also welcomes and sends many gifts on the occasion of the upcoming Constitutional Ceremony, the most significant.

The newspaper Bao Dap gave a 90cm diameter bell, 1 meter 6 high, weighed 350 kilograms cast in Kien Lao and Bui Chu.
Archdiocese of Hue donated 1 meter diameter Gong.
Saigon Archdiocese sent a 1 meter diameter drum.
Bui Chu, Father of the Court of Government, sent a golden bowl of Son Gua. The palanquin will be displayed at the gate of Tam Quan.

Father Nguyen Thanh Long said that the payment for the contractor is currently less than one million dollars. From now until the feast of consecration, there are only three months left. When asked where to find such a large account, the priest said that he believed that all Vietnamese who knew the Vietnam Dream would help him overcome this difficulty.

We call on all of us to be alone with Father Nguyen Thanh Long to complete the Vietnam Dream. Please send all checks to: Vietnamese Mother Parish, 11814 New Hampshire Ave., Silver Spring, MD 20904

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